Thursday, September 11, 2008

Make Interview Easy (Part 2): The Most Common Blunders

What actually do happen, Interviewers when asked about their Interview just after they come out, finishing the Interview process, they say “Everything went very well and will break the deal.” But actually they didn’t get the “Golden-Apple” in their hands & it is sometimes true even with those candidates who are qualified enough for that position.
If it happens then there are some little but dangerous negative vibes which can ruin your chances of getting your dream job.

What are the most common blunders one should get rid off & put the best face forward? Here are some most common mistakes:

Red Flag 1: “My Alarm clock didn’t ring!”
If you are late for your interview, it indicates that you are lacking managing & organizational skills. It straightforward puts a bad impression on the Interviewer.

Red Flag 2: “I know everything”
Trying to show that you are the only “gem” in the field may be sometimes critical. Indeed Knowledge is power but information & answers should be planned, short & delivered to the point according to questions.

Red Flag 3: Talking too much
Applicants sometimes stray from the topic while answering & talk too much which can bring them negative points.

Red Flag 4: “Sorry, I haven’t googled it yet”
If you not know the answer of the question then don’t try to fool the interviewer simply accept that you can’t remember the answer.

Red Flag 5: Involving your Personal things into it
Never involve your personal things, story into the interview process. Try to separate your life from your work & organizational life.
Red Flag 7: “I don’t really have any weakness.”
When asked about your weakness, cite your weakness that you have but would not make any effect on your working ability & organizational life. If you are saying that you don’t know about that or you don’t have any weakness, then it is really unnatural because “No-body is perfect”.

Red Flag 8: Speak true, Speak confidently
Never lose confidence during the interview & if you are speaking lies it will definitely make to lose your confidence & you will be trapped. Remember that Interview also involves testing your psychology.

Red Flag 9: Maintain your behavior
During the interview, if you are emphasizing on your point, emphasize politely. Don’t be rude, abrasive & dismissive. Because it will directly put a question mark on your personality & blow the “golden-apple” away from your hands.

Red Flag 10: The Finish – “Any Questions?”
If you have already processed all the information & important facts related to the organization you are applying for than you can ask questions. But the questions should be meaningful & pre-planned. If you are questioning it shows that you are really interested in the respective organization.

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  • Anonymous said...

    Its a great article on Interview mistakes.They are the little thing that often happens & one should keep in mind.

  • TechPrism said...

    @ Rakesh
    Thanks,,you will find more things like that @ TechColors Spectrum,,Also you can suggest the articles you want here.

  • rishi said...

    What if one is asked about the previous job, boss & reason for leaving that job?

  • TechPrism said...

    @ Rishi
    Yes,its a important question to find out the candidate's thinking & suitability to the organisation culture.
    Ok,about the previous boss,,A positive answer about the previous boss shows that you can maintain good organisational relations which exist in in the companies.
    A negative answer about your boss can be a Red Cross on your candidature.It may happen that the person you are talking bad is in family relation or friend of the interviewer.

  • TechPrism said...

    @ Rishi
    About the reason of leaving the previous job,it should kept in mind the money should be given not much importance but you can tell the interviewer,,,to gain experience,,looking for more oppurtunities,,or want career growth.

  • vibha said...

    If interviewer asks where will you see yourself after 5 years?

  • TechPrism : RIDDHI MOHAN said...

    @ Vibha
    Its a question that checks your visions indirectly.
    You should be optimistic & visionary in your answer, which will reflect how you see your future & how it is going to be beneficial to the organisation, you are working for.

  • The Logisitician said...

    Saw your blog mentioned on blogcatalog's Introduce Your Blog and Yourself notification e-mail, and decided to pay a visit. Glad that I did. Interesting stuff. Keep it up. Welcome to the blogosphere.

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