Thursday, September 4, 2008

Google Steps Into Browsing: Its Google Chrome

  • Google has now stepped into the Browsing Market by launching its web Navigator Google Chrome.
    When Google decided to make a browser, they wanted to completely rethink the browser, as browsing now is very different from browsing the early simple text web pages, now we email, shop, pay bills, and run other large application in our browsers.

    DOWNLOAD Google Chrome

Google Chrome is an early beta version, and at the moment, for Windows only, but it has some new smart features.
Google Chrome is running each tab isolated from another, which prevents one tab to crash another, and is also more secure, and better for the memory; when a tab is closed it's memory use is eliminated.
Google added a more powerful JavaScript engine, V8, which will make large application perform better.
The start page offers new functionality, a bit like Opera, with your nine most visited web pages, a list of recently visited pages, your favorite search engines and more.
Google's Chrome browser is fast and lightweight, with fresh and welcome user interface innovations. But it's still early beta software -- and it shows.The browser actually loads pop-up ads even though they won't be seen unless users choose to maximize the pop-up ad windows that Chrome has minimized.
Because it is an Open Source Project, new features will be added, and other browser developers can adopt what they find useful, in their browser.

Google has made a comic book presenting Google Chrome:
Google Chrome 's Source code is also available as it is a part of Open Sources programs.

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