Sunday, January 11, 2009

Writing an article can make you $1000 richer? - Says TechRavings

Do you love to write? Are you a blogger? If yes, you are at a right place. Because writing an article about can make you $1000 or $500 richer at once. 
The real contest is always between what you've done and what you're capable of doing. You measure yourself against yourself and nobody else.
This quote is certainly true for those who set standards for themselves & a 15 year old boy, Aditya, author of is a fine exemplification proving the above quote.

Introduction : TechRavings

TechRavings is all about blog promotion, blogging resources, blogging tips, making money online, seo, software reviews, web tools. Its current alexa ranking is 5,920,182 & I am sure it will elevate in a few months. The site is build simple & provides easy access to the information rich content.

The Contest: "Win $1000 or 2x$500 by blogging about Tech Ravings blog"

•  Eligibility for the contest: Are you eligible?

    1. Your blog on which you are going to write this article must be started before 15 December,2008.
    2. Your blog must have at least 12 posts or more. 

•  Contest Criteria: What you have to do?
    1. Suscribe TechRavings RSS feed via email & comment on any post there.
    2. Write an article in not less than 250 words introducing Tech Ravings & about this contest.
     3. Once you have written the article inform here with a comment mentioning the following:
       • Your correct E-mail address & 
       • The link of article that you have written for Tech Ravings.

Contest Deadline: The contest is relevant upto January 19, 2009 at 6:00 p.m. IST.

•  Prizes: Winners will be chosen randomly.
  First Prize: The first random winner get $1000 in PayPal Cash.
  Second Prize: The 2 random winners get $500 in PayPal cash each.

So, What else are you waiting for? Go for writing a good one. Click here to get for further details.

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  • SBA said...

    Although I did not enter this contest, I was in the previous one held at his AndDJournal blog and uncovered some suspicious trickery. Read more here:

    He just deleted the contest post but I had saved your blog link!

  • TechPrism : RIDDHI MOHAN said...

    You are right. The results of this contest are totally unfair.
    I had commented how the winners 1st & 3rd winners are not eligible for the contest on the day he declared the result. He deleted my comment.
    Aditya don't have any answer for the questions i put to him.
    Actually this will turn wrong for only.

  • TechPrism : RIDDHI MOHAN said...

    Even I also found that there is something which is not going on the way when the contest was extended & now the contest post is deleted itself.
    What does it all means??
    We got that but many more had to realize it initially.

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