Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Make Interview Easy (Part 1): The Art of Interviewing

The Interview & Common Interview Blunders, The topic I am publishing on the demand of many job seekers, really involves some attention because today, it just act as a tool which will definitely provide you the “Extra-Edge” over others in this competitive world. In this article I am focusing on the “The Art of Interviewing” & I will provide “Most Common Interview Blunders” in my next one.

Indeed Interview is an Art in present day scenario. Interview is a situation which every one has to face in his /her life because it has just become an indispensable part of selection process which can be thought as “The Measuring Unit of Selection Criteria” to judge candidate’s suitability for a particular job & work environment. Even a 4-5 years old child has to face the Interview for admissions to start his educational journey.
Let’s come to the point, Success in an Interview needs confidence & enthusiasm in the candidate, right from the point a candidate enters the room till he finishes it up. The first thing you should keep in mind that the Interviewer doesn’t know you, so “You’ve really got to work at the impression you make” & it is really important as all your work starts from here. How are you dressed up, how you express yourself & how savvy you are about the company are the things putting the first impression on Interviewer. The better you start of, the easier the things coming in your way. Simply making the “First Impression” is about 25% of job got done, but it doesn’t mean that you have the “Golden-Apple” in your hands. Yes, it is still at good distance, which you have to cover by having patience & giving your best, as you can. If everything goes well, you will find your hands just 20% away from the “Golden-Apple” & it is the time to make a “Bull-Shot” by asking a valid question to the interviewer about the company plans & policies. Yes, it makes a difference. It shows your interest & anxiety about the company. But try this “Bull-Shot” only if you have an early knowledge about the company concerned otherwise it can turn into a “Fatal-Shot”.
~> Be confident & polite in what you speak.
~> Try to maintain an eye to eye contact while talking to the Interviewer. If there are more than one Interviewer, be attentive to all of them.
~> Try to be positive & expressive in the Interview.
~> Try to listen the questions carefully & follow “to the point” strategy in your answers. Excessive talking & lengthy description on a subject will be harmful. If you don’t know the answer simply tell them that you don’t but never try to make them “puzzled” because they are the experts of the field from which you got the question.
~> Don’t become aggressive at any point in the Interview as it will be a ”Red-Cross” on your behavior & will give a negative impact to the Interviewer.
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